Clearly, JABUKA is a great game, it’s popular and fun!

Will Shortz, New York Times Crossword Puzzle Editor

Best word game by a long shot!

Rob Angel, Inventor of Pictionary

I hear you’re the next Bananagrams!

Rena Nathanson, CEO, Bananagrams, Inc.

Finally a family game that does it all!

Tara W., Mother and Teacher

Get ready for a super fun brain challenge!

Elena Epstein, National Parenting Product Awards

A family friendly game that teaches!

Erika Cardamone, speech pathologist, Fox News

Screens off

Boost your brain power with a new kind of word game where you bend rules and twist letters to make, transform, and steal words in a high-octane quick hit of fun!

It’s like Scrabble®
and a triple espresso
had a baby!

The analog word game
for the digital generation

The patented twistable alphabet makes word-making easy, fun and creative, especially for kids. Fast and loose rules, no turn-taking, plus word-twisting and stealing, makes for competitive, one-on-one or team play.

Not just fun and games
brain-building superpowers

Just like muscles, our brains need exercise. Jabuka pushes cognitive boundaries demanding memory, speed, creativity, focus, spatial awareness, imagination and problem solving. All through immersive and engaging play.

happy humans need

In a world of electronic isolation, Jabuka is live, spontaneous interaction that puts players in the natural, healthy human state of joyful flow. Together.

Learn to play in 64 seconds